Current Schedule

    2009 Dates
  • Jan 16 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • Jan 31 - Wine Cafe, Mankato
  • Feb 28 - Wine Cafe, Mankato
  • Mar 20 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • May 1 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • June 15 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • July 17 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • Sept 18 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • Nov 6 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul
  • Dec 31 - Neumann's Bar, N. St. Paul

    All shows start at 9:00 PM

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Contact: Mic McCormick 651-245-8165
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Audio Clips
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Carol (MP3)
Summertime (MP3)

Band Bio

For over 30 years the Fabulous Minnesota Barking Ducks have brought a driving, diverse, blues-based music to the Twin Cities and all points between. Two members of the band have enjoyed the trip for the entire time: David "Burnie" Benson has steady laid down his distinctive, back-of-the-beat feel on drums; and Mic McCormick has forever silenced crowds with his phenomenal, oh-so-tasty guitar. Mic tells stories with that thing, and most people listen.

The "new" members have been Ducks for a little less than a decade. Ed Dunn plays bass and sings. Ed is intense, and plays deep in the pocket with Burnie, the two of them laying down a regular roadmap. Kit Kildahl sings and plays guitar and occasional harp. Kit has known Mic and Burnie since '75, when he was playing with the Dust Bowl Blues Band and Ace in the Whole.

These guys have a lot of music to draw on, so the result is a wide-ranging songlist--blues of course; but also rock, R & B, and jazz standards like "Fly Me to the Moon".

Check out the current calendar dates and see if anything fits your schedule. Then come out and enjoy timeless music by the Fabulous Minnesota Barking Ducks.


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